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Electron as a Structure Made of Basic Elementary Particles: Spinning Speed and Radius


We have calculated the orbital speed, the radius of an orbit of the revolving basic particles, and the angular speed of an electron in three models of an electron as a spinning composite particle. The three models suggested in our previous work [1] are the centered square structure, the rhombus structure, and the tetrahedral structure. The calculated speed of revolving basic particles, for all three models of an electron, does not exceed c, the maximum possible speed in nature: for the centered square model, in the rhombus model, and in the tetrahedral model. The results show that the spin of an electron can be reasonably explained assuming that an electron is not an elementary particle, but a composite structure made of five basic elementary particles of mass me/6 and of charge +e/3 (one particle) and -e/3 (four particles). The calculated angular frequencies of spinning electron structures have characteristic values for the considered models and are in the range of . The angular frequency of electrons might be determined in experiments on the interaction of X-rays with electrons.

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Summer 9-9-2023


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