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Beyond Standard Model: Electromagnetic Origin of Strong Interaction between Composite Structures Made of Basic Elementary ±e/3 Charges


Interaction between spinning composite structures of quarks is considered. In simple variants of the quark structures, one basic elementary particle of charge of magnitude |e|/3 is on the axis of rotation and several basic particles of an opposite sign are revolving in the circular orbit about the axis. Each charge in the structure contributes to the electric field and electric potential around the structure. But only revolving basic particles contribute to the spin and to the magnetic moment of the structure. Equations for the axial electric field and the electric potential of each structure at points on its axis are derived. It is shown that with decreasing distance from a quark, the electric potential goes through zero and changes its polarity to the opposite. As a result, the interaction between oppositely charged up and down quarks changes from attractive at large distances between two different quarks to repulsing at some small distances between them. Hence, the electromagnetic interaction between an up quark and a down quark in a nucleon can switch between attraction and repulsion depending on the distance between the quarks. This is the type of behavior that is assumed in the Standard Model for the strong interaction between quarks, and we think the strong interaction is of electromagnetic origin.

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