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Beyond Standard Model: neutrino-antineutrino pairs in nuclear reactions of beta-decay and proton-neutron transmutation.


On examples of different beta-decay reactions, we show that the neutrino-antineutrino pairs should be added as necessary reagents to the equations of the decay reactions where a neutrino or an antineutrino is among the products of the reaction. In our models, quarks and leptons are all made of basic fractional +-e/3 charges. Transfer of basic charges between reagents forms the products of the reaction. We suggest that there is no direct conversion of u-quark to d-quark and visa versa. Each transmutation involves a transfer of basic charges from a neutrino to a quark so the structure of remaining charges in the neutrino is a new quark and the quark receiving the charges is an electron or a positron. We suggest that a neutrino-antineutrino pair should be added as an essential reagent into the equation of the reaction of production of a deuteron out of two protons in the proton-proton chain which is an essential part of the fusion chain of reactions.

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