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Flyer advertising a protest against David Duke's lecture at the Ford Hall forum on Thursday, March 28, 1991. Protest organized by the International Committee Against Racism (InCAR) and the Progressive Labor Party. Black and white image of KKK members, one of which is holding their head, with caption below photo: "Klansmen get what they deserve from hundreds of workers and students organized by InCAR." Transcription of flyer's text: "David Duke, "former" head of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and currently a Louisiana State Senator, will be attempting to speak on Thursday the 28th. Duke is a racist who attempts to blame the economic problems workers face on black workers and immigrants. Duke helps the rich rulers of the U.S. "divide and conquer the working class so that they can continue with the cutbacks and layoffs. The depression and lousy conditions affect all working people. lnCAR believes in multi-racial unity in order to fight racism and fight back against the cutbacks and unemployment. We say "no free speech for fascists". We have tangled with DuKKKe before - what he and the KKK fear most is the organized strength of thousands of workers and students -- asian, latin, black and white -- determined to stop them. Please join us and bring everyone you know."



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Ford Hall Forum; Forums (Discussion and debate); Duke, David Ernest; Demonstrations



David Duke Protest Flyer, 1991