Oral History Interview of Leanne Aronson Tobias (OH-078)



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Moakley Oral History Project (OH-078)


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Leanne Aronson Tobias describes working as an intern for Congressman Joe Moakley in his office in Washington during her college days. She delayed returning to school to serve as a legislative assistant in Moakley’s Washington office where she focused on housing, community development, and finance/banking related issues. She describes about her work on policy issues such as the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975 and Boston’s Busing Crisis. Tobias reflects on Moakley’s focus on constituent service and his dedication to connecting with the people he represents. She ends with a discussion of her work in the Congressman’s district office, the path her career took after leaving Moakley’s office, and Moakley’s lasting legacy.

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Suffolk University

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Busing for school integration, United States--Congress

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Oral History Interview of Leanne Aronson Tobias (OH-078)