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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science, BS




Psychology Department

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sukanya Ray


Members of BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) communities living in the United States, whether American born or immigrants, are subjected to various stressors that can impact their mental health, including but not limited to: acculturative stress, discrimination and microaggressions. These factors substantially increase the prevalence of depressive symptoms within this community. In addition to the unique group of stressors that minoritized populations face, oftentimes, these individuals encounter barriers when accessing care and do not receive the same quality of care as a Caucasian American does, especially for mental health care. The aim of this thesis is to review relevant literature on stressors that minoritized populations encounter on a daily basis and explore the relationship between these stressors and the prevalence of depression in this population. In addition, experiential learning information on this topic was collected from few mental health professionals of color. This paper will highlight challenges/barriers to access care, experience of racism and utilization of services (traditional/alternative) to address their mental health issues including depression and other stresses. Finally, this paper will explore emerging themes across literature and practitioners’ perspectives to understand various challenges, strengths and needs of these communities at large.

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