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As a Democrat representing Massachusetts’ ninth congressional district, Congressman John Joseph Moakley is most often remembered for his dedicated constituent service, working tirelessly to help get “Mrs. O’Leary’s social security check” with hopes of getting, in return, the votes of his constituents. It is thanks to him, however, that, since the 1970s, many of Boston’s most significant historical sites have been preserved. Despite the fact that many of these structures have existed since the 18th century, they were not properly maintained or renovated until Moakley, knowing that historical preservation is not an issue that normally draws in election votes, lobbied extensively on their behalf for the federal recognition and funds that allowed them to be restored and allowed those who live in the city and those who visit the city to fully experience its rich history.

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Moakley, John Joseph, 1927-2001, United States--Congress; Historic preservation -- Massachusetts -- Boston



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