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Jonathan Haughton


The European nations are currently facing one of the biggest challenges to their society since the end of World War II: Aging. While the rest of the world will also be facing this issue, it is the European societies that are the first to face this challenge and must find a sustainable solution fast. Among the choices of solutions are immigration, Universal Basic Income (UBI), and raising the retirement age. This paper aims to explore immigration as a solution to solve the problems that an aging society faces by looking into the earning power of migrants through their
education and region of origin. Using 24,576 observations from the European Quality of Life Survey of 2016, I will use a modified Mincer earnings function measuring PPP equivalized household monthly income as a function of age, education status, and migrant status, as well as health. This will provide valuable insight into immigration and could delineate which types of immigration could be beneficial to an aging society that aims to increase its working-age population.

*This paper aims to only look at refugee immigration from a purely economic standpoint. It does not aim to justify or refute any policies for or against humanitarian migration.

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