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Capstone Project

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Psychology, BA, BS




Psychology Department

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Lance Swenson


Inequalities in healthcare is a common discussion topic every day in the United States and although most Americans are not able to get adequate healthcare, they need one subtopic that I believe is not discussed enough about disability healthcare. More specifically the importance of community support and resources in disability health care. My internship this semester was helping lower-income families find the resources they need for their children with autism spectrum disorder. In this position, I learned that many of the positive activities and resources that would be helpful for their children most families are unable to get because they do not make enough money or do not live in a specific area of the city or do not have the time during the day to go to specific appointments. Now with almost 25% of the United States population having a disability along with personal experience in this field it made me think about the importance of trying to bring awareness and give back to those who do not have the resources. We learned as a psychology major that the more support you have as a child and then into your adulthood the more successful you could be at various aspects of your life this goes the same with healthcare if you are supported in your community throughout struggles with your health it greatly impacts the mental health of the person and their support system. The question to be asked is what can we develop to help people with disabilities succeed better in the healthcare system and also support them and their caretakers and families mentally?

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