Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Psychology, BA, BS




Psychology Department

Faculty Advisor

Lance Swenson


This literature paper reviews the purpose of community health workers, how they impact community access to health systems and services, and the professional prospects for this career path. In this paper, I discuss how community health workers integrate the main pillars of liberation psychology, specifically the concepts of problematization, acompañamiento, and praxis into their day-to-day responsibilities. The goal of community health workers is to help people navigate complex health systems, raise awareness about health-related topics, organize interventions, and advocate for patients to receive health services. Throughout this literature paper, I analyzed the position of community health workers and contemplated my own intersectional identity as a Latina, multilingual woman, and my professional, academic, and personal experience at Suffolk. Through this research, I learned more about the significance of this position and have considered this as a possible future direction for myself.



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