Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science, BS




Interdisciplinary Programs Department

Faculty Advisor

Lauren Nolfo-Clements

Second Advisor

Brendan Burke


As the demand for research increases over the years, healthcare will be in demand to improve. Currently, the effects of COVID-19 are bringing many questions to light in regards to the safety protocols in place in our various healthcare systems. In our world today, healthcare must be taken seriously, and programs should be put in place to help citizens better understand healthcare guidelines and safety protocols. In attempting to discover my passion and motivation, Suffolk University provided me the resources and tools to pursue my education in relation to Healthcare Management. For this senior capstone class, the overall goal was to learn more about leaders within the oncology departments in hospitals. Originally, I wanted to learn more about leadership within the oncology departments in hopes of finding a centered career path in regards to oncology research. After contacting various professionals in the healthcare field, I adjusted my research to focus on a more generalized group of participants. The initial goal of my research was intended to detect similarities between the interviewee’s professions. After conducting the interviews, it became apparent that those working for nonprofit organizations shared many opinions on healthcare as a whole. I will compare Kouzes and Posner’s book “The Leadership Challenge” to the interviewees responses. The organizations mentioned in this research all relate in some way to the importance of the American healthcare system, most notably, the devotion of interviewees to their jobs and patients.



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