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Capstone Project

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Bachelor of Science, BS




Communication & Journalism Department

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Kevin M. Carragee


There are grave disparities between the environmental communication put forth by agribusiness corporations, and the extensive malpractice and abuse that actually occurs. Through their monopolizing power and wealth, corporate giants are able to continue to maximize their profits at the expense of animal, environment, and public well-being. Following a major shift from personalized farming to industrialized food production in the early 20th century, we have become increasingly dependent on what we see and hear in the news media discourse, largely controlled by these dominating corporations, to stay informed on industrialized agricultural practices. This creates an environment in which the connection between the food we consume and the suffering endured to mass-produce it, can be and is avoided, blurred, or lied about completely. In this paper, I provide a comprehensive look into the discourse surrounding the factory farming industry in the United States, specifically targeting how the related environmental communication, within the scope of top-selling farmed animals, is largely dominated by powerful agribusiness corporations.


This project received the following recognition: Excellence in Honors Award for an Outstanding Senior Project in the Social Science division and an Excellence in Honors Award for Outstanding Thesis in Global and Cultural Communication.

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