Venture Literary/Arts Magazine

Volume 2018 (2018) Venture Literary/Arts Magazine, 50th Anniversary Edition, 2018

Venture Staff 2018

Editor in Chief
Sofia Nicole Ohrynowicz
Poetry Editor
Claire Mulvena
Assistant Poetry Editor
Kendra Asaph
Visual Arts Editor
Jennifer Hunt
Assistant Visual Arts Editor
Mackenzie Mazerolle
Prose Editor
Jon-Luc Jarboe
Assistant Prose Editor
Shannon Conley
Social Media/Advertising Manager
Donovan Skepple
Graphic Designer
Scott Kayhan
Reading/Contributing Editors
Karlecia Berganza
Jacqueline Janusis
Madison Mehringer

From the Editor

I joined Venture in my sophomore year because my roommate Amelia was involved with the magazine. From then on, I have worked my way up the ladder, beginning as a reader to comb through our submissions, to Social Media Manager in 2016-2017. Finally, in my final year at Suffolk, I have been the Editor-in-Chief.

During my junior year I noticed on the “About” of our website that we began as a club in 1967 and published in 1968 for the first time. Learning this, I knew I had to apply for the position of Editor-in-Chief. I had big ideas for our anniversary, and I was compelled to push for them. I knew I couldn’t sit back and not do something with this knowledge.

I ran out my door this year to give myself over to Venture completely. From inquiry emails to creating the exhibit, Venture has called me to do many things I never thought I could accomplish. My favorite task— other than the book, of course— was the 50th Anniversary exhibit I created over the summer with help from the Archives and the Library. Because they house this exhibit to this day, it has given us more of a presence on campus. More students know who we are because of the red typewriter and old paint knives that sit inside the glass case.

I have learned from this exhibit about Venture’s history, and how it has adapt-ed for every new generation. I am so amazed at how each book took parts of everyone involved to capture the world around them. If you want to see history here at Suffolk and in Boston as a student, take a look at our artists who made something of it, year after year. It is for this reason that we have republished the first cover from 1968.

We may have come far as a magazine, but we must remember how we came to be to see how we should continue in our future. Watching how this book moves from submissions to finalized book— and seeing how it had come together in the past— gives me great confidence in saying that the arts will never completely be lost. Every year, we continue to have students submit to us from many different majors, proving that creation remains an important part of human existence. This book is evidence of that. I am eternally grateful to be a part of this legacy and hope in our trying times.

Please enjoy our 50th Anniversary edition of Venture and continue to enjoy the publications in the future.


Sofia N. Ohrynowicz

Editor-in-Chief, 2017-2018