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Elizabeth F. Thompson, Leila Farsakh, and Robert Laffey discuss,

Elizabeth F. Thompson, Leila Farsakh, and Robert Laffey discuss, "Hope Arab Spring Eternal" at Ford Hall Forum, video recording




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Ford Hall Forum Collection, 1908-2013 (MS113)


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How much closer are Middle Eastern countries to having functioning constitutional governments than they were in the spring of 2011? How will such governments impact their economies? What unique challenges and opportunities has each country faced in building new government? How has the culture played into the emerging politics? Elizabeth F. Thompson (author, Justice Interrupted) and Leila Farsakh (Associate Professor of Political Science, UMass Boston) join us to provide an update on happenings in the Middle East, particularly in terms of consequences we did not foresee two years ago. Robert Laffey (Assistant Professor of Government, Suffolk University) guides this discussion on post-Arab Spring sociopolitical changes, mining Thompson's book for historical context and Farsakh's research for current insights. Elizabeth F. Thompson will be signing and selling copies of her book, Justice Interrupted, at the end of the event.

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Forums (Discussion and debate); Ford Hall Forum; Middle East -- Politics and government -- 1945-






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Elizabeth F. Thompson, Leila Farsakh, and Robert Laffey discuss,